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evelyne alice bridier

imaginaire feutré • felt imagination

01 présentation 

Dans l'atelier d'Evelyne Alice Bridier -

Evelyne Alice Bridier set up her workshop in her house located at the bottom of the steps just opposite the church of Auvers-sur-Oise, immortalised in the famous painting by van Gogh. 

A graphic designer by training, Evelyne Alice Bridier has always been passionate about textile creation. In 2003, she discovered the techniques of feltmaking, which became her favourite art.

Since then, she has been constantly exploring all the potentialities of felted wool, which she works both into flat surfaces and complex volumes. 

Drawing inspiration from Sonia Delaunay’s "simultaneous contrasts " Evelyne enjoys blurring the edges of her work in installations, sculptures and wearable creations. 

.Translation Michael Wells

Felt has a magical quality that is expressed through the intimate physical connection between artist and matter for a playful, poetic and intriguing fabric. 

" Kneading wool, rubbing it with soapy water and giving birth, with your fingertips, to a new, flexible and malleable material, is a magnificently life-giving creative process that powerfully embodies warmth and protection. " 

The abrupt encounters of the rough and the sophisticated, the wild and the precious guide the maker through journeys whose destinations are always surprising. Her works speak a refined, minimalist language, whispering soft emotions. 


02 portfolio


03 expositions

Most recent ones:

• RÉVÉLATIONS - Paris Grand Palais - May 2019

• MAISON & OBJET - Paris Villepinte - September 2018 et January 2019

• AU FIL DE L’ART - A LOOK AT CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE ART - Maison des Arts - Antony (92) - april-june 2018

• BIJOUX DE CARACTÈRE - Galerie Collection - Paris le Marais - oct 2017-janv 2018

• SALON OB’ART - Espace des Blancs-Manteaux - Paris - nov 2017 

• EXPOSITION VOYAGES AU BOUT DU FEUTRE - Musée du chapeau de Chazelles-sur-Lyon - may-october 2017

• CONCEPT STORE EMPREINTES - Paris - september-décember 2017

  (corner «cabinet of curiosities» + Christmas showcase)

• EXPOSITION À PAS FEUTRÉS - l’Atelier - Viaduc des Arts Paris - dec 2014-january 2015

• 100% LAINE- 100% WOOL - Galerie Collection - Paris - dec. 2013

and in duet with the ceramist Manoli Gonzalez 

INSTALLATION À CROQUER ! dialogue between felt and porcelain, presented at :

• DUOS DE MATIÈRES, DUOS DE CRÉATEURS - l’Atelier - Viaduc des Arts Paris - 20 april-3 june 2017

• 8e BIENNALE SCULPTURE EN ILE-DE-FRANCE - Montmagny (95) - march 2017 

• SALON OBJET TEXTILE - Musée La Manufacture - Roubaix - sept-oct 2016 

• EXPOSITION À TABLE ! - Galerie La Nef - Montpellier - nov 2015-jan 2016

• BIENNALE OKSÉBÔ - Château de la Roche-Guyon (95) - sept 2015


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